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Surface Finish Technologies, Inc. applies quality inorganic and organic finishes that enhance function, durability, corrosion resistance and appearance.  Our top priority is to provide our customers with prompt turnaround, quality workmanship and fair pricing.

We perform many plating processes like zinc, cadmium, nickel and copper.  Our conversion coatings can provide excellent corrosion resistance on zinc, cadmium and aluminum.  For many processes such as anodizing we offer colors; black, yellow, blue, violet, orange, green and red.    We also dye chromates to provide a wide range of colors on traditional coatings such as zinc or cadmium.  We have recently added Electroless Nickel/Teflon to our Electroless Nickel plating processes.  Zinc Nickel has recently been added to zinc plating capabilities.

The following surface finishing processes are done routinely at our facility:

Aluminum Conversion
Aluminum Plating
Aluminum Anodize
Black Oxide
Bright Dip
Buffing & Polishing

Copper Strip
Etching & Pickling

Nickel (Watts & Sulfamate)
Nickel (Electroless)
Phosphate (Manganese and Zinc)
Tin (Satin, Bright and SnPb)
Zinc (and alloys)

We run very small parts as well as parts that are up to 8' long and weighing as much as 500 lbs.  We also run small orders on a rush basis.
Our Eastside Oxide facility can fill your needs for black oxide and stainless steel blackening.  Any inquiries for black oxide can be addressed to Surface Finish Technologies, Inc.

Additional Services and Benefits:

• We have a salt spray test chamber for environmentally testing finished parts for corrosion resistance.

• We offer many thickness measuring technologies, as well as other testing capabilities and procedures.

• We are willing to confidentially consult on all available surface finishing technologies.  All proprietary information is held in strict confidence and is used only within our relationship with a specific customer.

• In most cases, our turnaround time is one to three days with capability for rush jobs.  

• We work with major parcel carries such as UPS and FedEx to ship your completed work as quickly and reliably as possible. 

We process parts to standards and specifications published by government, military, ISO, ASTM and manufacturers.  Every job traveling through our production process is tracked by our computer system to insure quality measures are always observed. Our lab tracks our process baths daily.  We keep up to date specification and drawing files for each customer to insure we have the most recent information for processing customer parts.  With proper ordering information, we can write process procedures for consistent product realization specific to your requirements.

We strive to offer prompt turnaround and quality workmanship at a fair price.   We provide a wide range of processes to service manufacturing.  Surface Finish Technologies, Inc. looks forward to further understanding your needs and building a successful relationship with your company.

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