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Packaging and Handling
Packaging is the most important step in safely receiving and returning your completed work.  We do not charge to pack parts with the same packaging material they arrived in.  Delicate parts should be packaged securely when they arrive so that we do not have to take additional precautions when we repack for the return shipment.  If parts are cosmetic, delicate or the coating could be scratched we may need to package them more carefully for the return shipment.  Additional charges may apply if we have to provide additional packaging materials.

We work with major parcel carries such as UPS and FedEx to ship completed work quickly and reliably.  UPS arrives daily at 9:00AM for all zone 2 customers.  Our preferred local common freight carrier is Teal's Express.

Please indicate on your packing list or purchase order what value to insure your return shipment for.  We will not insure return shipments if a customer does not request it.

Shipping Charges
We do not include inbound or outbound freight charges in our quoted price to you.  All inbound freight must be sent to us as prepaid.  Many customers choose to have shipments returned prepaid using their own shipping accounts.  Thus, they receive the discount structure they negotiated with their carrier.  When your order is to be returned by UPS, please include your UPS account number on your packing list or purchase order.  If you do not have an account that you wish to use for return shipping, we will bill you the exact amount billed by the carrier at no extra charge.  The shipping charge will be included on the next invoice you receive.

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