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You, as a customer, can send parts to us at anytime to have them processed to your written requirements.  We provide quotes upon request.  We usually quote from information provided on part drawings and can quote on a rush basis.  Most of our customers have open accounts with Net 30 terms.  We open new accounts for qualified customers immediately at the time of the first order.

Your paperwork and record keeping requirements will most likely be unique to your company.  However, you must always provide the required information we need to execute orders.  We perform purchase order and contract reviews to verify content, completeness and accuracy of the information you provide.

Whether on bills of lading, packing lists, drawings or purchase orders critical information must be available to us.  Typically the best location for processing and pricing information is the Purchase Order.  Shipping and handling instructions can be included on both packing slips and purchase orders.  Detailed information to determine the effect of our process on your parts is best located on drawings.  For example, we need to know dimensional tolerances, specifications and material alloys to determine which process parameters are best suited for your application.

Quotation Disclaimer
We honor all quotes in good faith for up to 6 months. For all prices and products, Surface Finish Technologies, Inc. reserves the right to make adjustments due to changing market conditions, manufacturer price changes, errors in communication, and other extenuating circumstances. All quotations are assuming payments of COD or Net 30 billing. Any payment greater than 30 days may incur additional charges.

Limitation of Liability
Surface Finish Technologies, Inc. will not be liable for lost profits, punitive damages, loss of business, even if advised of the possiblity of such damages prior to processing. Customer agrees that Surface Finish Technologies, Inc. is not responsible or liable for any amount of damages above the dollar amount paid by the customer to Surface Finish Technologies, Inc. for services rendered on the part(s).

Important information we need to process your order
We process to hundreds of standards and specifications; MIL, DOD, FED, ASTM, AMS, AES, SAE, ISO and manufacturer.  Include the specification number, revision and all other designations such as class, type and service condition.
Certificate of Compliance
You should always indicate on your purchase order when certificates of compliance are required.  
Quality and Inspection
Our quality system has been audited and approved by many customers.  We need to know your inspection requirements and criteria.  Include testing required and not required on your purchase order.  Customers may or may not want all testing that is called for in a given standard.
Part Number
Always identify parts with unique part numbers.  Avoid using descriptions like "Miscellaneous Parts."  Part numbers allow us to bill accurately, provide lot traceability, match a part to its print and maintain history.
Identify the process or processes you want performed.  Please contact us if you have any questions about naming a process or process characteristics.  Our industry is notorious for naming standard processes with proprietary names.  Customers need to identify critical tolerances, surface conditions and masking requirements by providing prints whenever possible.
Most surface finishing processes affect part dimensions.  Allow us to identify critical tolerances by providing prints when ever possible.  Always specify the dimensional change you expect or the minimum thickness of deposit you require.
Often, multiple processes are performed on different surfaces of a part or some surfaces are left unfinished.  This is accomplished by masking.  We can mask any indicated surface on a part.  Again, it is always best to provide a part print to indicate your masking requirements.
If parts are highly cosmetic or delicate, please indicate this on quote requests, packing lists and purchase orders.  Often there are significant price advantages to bulk processing, but you may require rack fixturing or special handling to meet your requirements.  If rack marks are an issue for your part, please include a print or sketch indicating where we can rack the part.  A color sample should be provided if shade and texture are critical.  We will need a range of samples if we need to match color and texture closely.
Material (Alloy)
Include a print, whenever possible, indicating all materials that your part is fabricated from.  Also include the material on the packing list or purchase order that is included with the shipment of parts to be processed.  Make sure the material designation includes alloy.  For example, many prints specify "Aluminum" as the material.  This is not sufficient.  An acceptable designation is " Aluminum 6061-T6". 
Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief
Hydrogen embrittlement is caused by the absorption of hydrogen through the surface of steel alloys.  Hydrogen is transported into the tips of cracks in the micro grain structure and accumulates there eventually degrading the material's strength.  Hydrogen embrittlement can be induced by exposing a part to acid or a plating process.  Hydrogen can be removed or driven off by baking parts at an elevated temperature for several hours.  ASTM B633 (Zinc plating) specifies baking parts for a minimum of 3 hours at 190°C.  Some specifications require bake times of 24 hours.  A general rule is that any part heat treated to greater than Rc32 or having a tensile strength greater than 1200MPa should be baked.  It is the customer's responsibility to determine the baking requirements.
Part cost and value
Let us know if your parts are of extreme value or can not be easily replaced.  We never plan on having a processing problem, but in some cases extra care is merited.  Surface Finish Technologies, Inc. will not reimburse any cost incurred by our customer beyond our processing fee if parts are damaged or lost.
Turn around required
Our typical turn around is one to three days in house.  This turnaround can be longer if we have to order special process materials or there are special setup requirements.  Include your delivery requirements on your packing list and purchase order.  We frequently process orders on a rush basis.  Please call if you need immediate turnaround or emergency service.
No nicking or scratching is important  for many parts.  Other parts require bulk handling to reduce cost and can tolerate minor part to part contact.  We designate "Barrel" as bulk handling and "Rack" as individual part fixturing.  If parts are to be racked and appearance is critical, let us to know where we can rack.  Again, provide a print so that we can determine were to rack based on tolerances, dimensions and function.
Packaging is the most important step in safely returning your completed order.  Include packing instructions on quote requests, packing lists and purchase orders.  In general we will use the same packaging material parts were shipped in to return parts to you.  If parts are cosmetic, delicate or the coating can be scratched during shipping, we may need to package parts more carefully for the return shipment.  Additional charges will apply if we have to provide additional packaging materials. 
Include return shipping instructions on packing lists or purchase orders.  We have many shipping options available.  When your order is to be returned via UPS, please include your UPS account number on your packing list or purchase order.  Please refer to the shipping section for details.
Please include your billing address and all other billing requirements on your purchase order.  Our billing period will depend on your request or your volume if you have no preference.  We bill weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  Our terms are Net 30 for qualified customers with open accounts.

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