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Anodizing is a process used to grow a natural metal oxide layer on the surface of an aluminum substrate. Aluminum alloys are anodized to increase corrosion resistance, increase surface hardness, improve lubrication, and improve adhesion. Anodized coats can be immersed in dyes to produce a variety of surface colors.

Hard Anodizing

Hard anodizing, hard coat or "engineered anodizing" are all names for hard coat anodizing. This coating is a thicker oxide layer than regular anodize. Hard anodize coating can also be impregnated with Teflon in order increase lubricity.

We can anodize according to the following specifications:

Mil-A-8625 Type IIClear, Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow
Mil-A-8625 Type III - Hard Clear, Hard Black
AMS-2482C - Hard Coating Treatment of Aluminum Alloy with Teflon Impregnation

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